What to Expect from Homeopathy with Heather


Homeopathy is an empowering, gentle therapy but it takes devotion and readiness. Choosing to heal is no small feat. You must be ready to take a deep look into yourself through a new, holistic lens and be ready to let go of the blocks and barriers that are holding you back. But don’t worry, you won’t be the only one hard at work! Since it is super important that the best fitting remedy is selected, I take every case home with me before making any recommendations. Homeopathic remedies are selected only after careful examination of your life themes, triggers and everyday idiosyncrasies.


"Each remedy is suggested based on a completely personalized picture of the state you are in at this moment in time."


Initial Consultation

Before the initial visit, I will send you a Welcome Packet that will help you begin to shift to a homeopathic mindset. Through this questionnaire, you will begin to understand the type of responses I will be looking for in the initial visit, but more importantly, it will guide you into a practice of self reflection. By completing these forms, you will have more time in the initial visit to focus on your “moment’s mission” and how we can begin your process to fuller health.

The initial consultation lasts an hour, where you will tell me your health story. I will guide you to reach into your main issues to link them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We will discuss all your idiosyncrasies and how your body and self reacts to situations and stimuli. This process is cathartic on its own and often where the major shifting begins to happen.

After the initial visit, I will send you a Personalized Alternative Health Map, your first remedy recommendation and a list of suggestions tailored to your needs.


The follow ups appointments are extremely important in assessing the reaction of the remedy. Since homeopathy is such an extremely gentle medicine, it takes a trained eye to determine where the healing is beginning and to be sure it is working in the correct direction.

At each follow up, I am happy to teach you more about the remedy selections, process and empower you to use the remedies at home for common ailments.


Behind the Scenes (What I Do After Our Appointments)

When I say I will work hard to help you, I mean it! It is super important to me that the remedy selected for you matches the essence of the state you are in at this moment. In order to ensure a well fitting remedy, I will be reviewing your questionnaire, taking detailed notes during your session and then taking your case home to be sure I understand your needs completely. At home, I review all the information you have provided to understand your health, your moment’s mission and where you see yourself as healthy. Once I understand your state fully, I will pair it with a perfect remedy that encompasses all your quirks and draft a Personalized Alternative Health Map to explain where you are at currently, what I believe will help, and where I hope to see you a year from now.