Wellness with Balance Group


Join us for a monthly meet up to discuss and discover ways to bring alternative healing, abundant nutrition and intentional living in to your life without feeling overwhelmed with the shift.

Nine short years ago, I was in a much different mindset. The way I interacted and treated myself and the world around me was much, much different. At the start of every sore throat, I was on an antibiotic. Our meals were quick and easy and often from a can or box. My first son was taught to cry it out and reprimanded for speaking back. When I say that I have BEEN there through all the phases of shifting from a modern lifestyle to an extreme holistic lifestyle and back down to a BALANCED lifestyle, I MEAN IT! 

I have been planning a series of classes for a long time based around all that I have learned along the way, so you do not make the same mistakes I did and so you can feel supported through it. Recently, I have been asked by multiple clients, family and friends for JUST THIS. 

Together, we will talk and learn about everything and anything from:

  • How to plan a quick and healthy menu for home

  • How to decide when to use alternative medicine and when to get to a doctor

  • How to practice intentional living in a busy, chaotic life

  • How to parent gently when you’re at the end of your rope

  • How, when and which supplements to take

  • Remedies for colds, flu, anxiety, bedwetting, low libido, overwhelm and MORE


We will meet the fourth Saturday of every month beginning in September of 2017 at Halcyon's Nest, LLC in Morganville, NJ for a suggested donation of $5 a person per meeting. 

I will never share your email or personal information with anyone without your permission!