Homeopathy At Home
Beginner's Learning Program


This six week program will help you feel more confident and comfortable treating your family holistically when ill and give you the support you need while navigating your first few months. 

This round begins January 8, 8pm EST and continues every Monday evening after for six weeks!

In this course, you will get:

  • SIX face to face, hour long modules via video group chat.
  • Guides, handouts, worksheets and studies to deepen your knowledge
  • 3 months FREE Facebook group mentoring to help you get the hang of using all your new wisdom!!

You will learn :
✨  when it is safe to use remedies at home
✨  when to contact a homeopath or physician
✨  the laws of homeopathy
✨  how to NOT use a homeopathic remedy
✨  how to select a well fitting remedy for any acute illness
✨  the difference between homeopathy, cell salts and natural biocides
✨  how to dose a homeopathic remedy
✨  how to gauge if healing is moving in the proper direction

As an early bird special, this class is EXTREMELY discounted!! A class that goes for $300 or more is yours for only $129 if you claim your spot before January 1st! 

Class is limited to 15 participants to keep the learning intimate. 

I will never share your email or personal information with anyone without your permission!