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Homeopathy is a trusted form of alternative medicine, widely used and government-funded in many european countries, and just starting to gain popularity in the US as a refreshing and safe alternative to the big healthcare systems. It uses what is sometimes described as the quantum energy of natural substances to help your body heal by stimulating the immune system. Remedies are chosen to match your symptoms by following the study that like cures like. You know how your eyes burn and tear and your nose runs when you’re cutting onions? The remedy allium cepa (made from onion) is selected for allergy symptoms that look the same way – and works like a charm!

No two people feel stress or illness the same way. Your body expresses itself and its dis-ease differently than someone else who may have the same diagnosis. Your soul experiences and perceives the world in its own unique way. This is what sets homeopathy apart from other healing modalities. Instead of treating on the typical symptoms, homeopaths find the symptoms that set you apart from the rest and indicate your individuality. Unlike traditional (allopathic) medicine, Homeopathy heals the whole individual, carrying and supporting you through a healing journey to a life of physical and emotional health. With homeopathy, you are treated as the whole, unique person you are.

It is common knowledge that shock and stress can cause physical deterioration, but it is not recognized as a key factor in our health through most other healing modalities – this is where homeopathy really takes the forefront. True healing is an investment and with careful examination and remedy selections, we can pinpoint where the imbalance lies to calm or eliminate the dis-ease. We have the innate power to heal ourselves, but sometimes our healing force needs a reminder to kickstart it. This is what remedies do!

Because Homeopathy works on an quantum/energy level, rather than a chemical level, it is safe for all people: adults, children, elderly and even pets as long as it is monitored and guided by a knowledgeable homeopath. Learn more about how Homeopathy works by attending my workshop on using homeopathy for acute illness!

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Orthomolecular Therapy

Your body works best when it is eliminating properly. Sometimes when you’re deficient in certain vitamins or minerals, your body gets clogged and quits pushing out the gunk. I’m an advocate for only supplementing with vitamins when your body is clearly calling for it. Like remedies, I recommend these after careful examination of your symptoms and only if your individual picture indicates a need for them.

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