Your Unique Path to Healing

"What can I take for anxiety?" "What can I take for this nasty cough?"

"What can my daughter take for this blazing ear infection?"

Why can't I answer these questions succinctly, with a golden remedy? The beauty of homeopathy is that it focuses on individuality, but the tough part is that we would need a decent case-taking for an appropriate remedy since it isn't one pill fits all. The most important symptoms of homeopathy are the strange ones that, most times, the person experiencing them doesn't even realize are meaningful. It really takes special time and consideration for a practitioner and a client to find what is most peculiar about you.

For example, I was recently taking the case of a young child who was suffering from an ear infection for a few days. As I discussed the girl's symptoms with her mother, no particular remedy was jumping out as appropriate. Any number of remedies can treat an ear infection – but the right remedy will match the individual. After about an hour of discussing the girl's history, her mother mentioned off-hand that her daughter kept asking her to open the window.

That was it! The remedy Pulsatilla treats ear infections that are made better for fresh air. Upon hearing this I noticed that during the entire session the girl had been clinging to her mother in a very needy, whimpering way. While sometimes this can be tiresome, in this girl's case, for both her mother and me it evoked a deep sympathy and an urge to hold and comfort her. This is another attribute of the Pulsatilla child.

Upon taking my recommended dosage of Pulsatilla, the ear infection was soothed and disappeared rapidly. More importantly, though, is that by choosing the proper remedy, matching the unique condition of the client, her constitution was strengthened and healed, rather than simply driving the symptoms deeper into her body. In this way, over time, homeopathy allows the individual to be a stronger, truer representation of his or her genuine nature.

HomeopathyJohn Natoli