What If I Told You Colds Are A Good Thing?


I believe in having colds. As odd as it may sound, I welcome the sniffles a few times a year for my family and myself. Colds are a great, and generally harmless, reaction to germs that shows your body’s immune reactivity is in tip top shape! If we stop getting colds, I can tell that our bodies are too busy fighting off something more sinister, wether a different virus or just the end-of-rope exhaustion people these days tend to push themselves into.

That being said…

Colds stink! Wether it’s you or the children, nobody is happy when there are snots running, or not running. When the days are slow and we have nothing better to be doing, I often just let the pesky colds run the course of the week. I make sure we get adequate rest, plenty of vitamins (preferably in whole foods) and bathe with some eucalyptus steaming. Unfortunately, most our weeks consist of busy schedules and appointments that can’t be moved around for a cold. In these cases, we open the remedy cabinets. These homeopathic remedies are totally awesome at kicking out the pesky cold while allowing your body to heal itself in the right direction.

Here are a few of the most common cold remedies: (If these don’t seem to fit your cold, or don’t work well enough, consult a homeopath)

ALLIUM CEPA - Best for colds with bland watery discharges from the nose and eyes. Snot tends to irritate the upper lip. May have a hacking cough from a tickle in the throat. Warm rooms make you feel worse but open air feels a lot better. Funnily enough, this remedy is made from onions, so the symptoms will feel like you’ve been cutting onions and you may even desire eating more onions!

ARSENICUM ALBUM - This cold may also have clear, burning snot. The difference from allium cepa is that it tends to be more on the right side, the nose will feel blocked even though it’s running and there will be more anxiety around being sick. Typically, when in an arsenicum state, you will want company around and feel better when your head is elevated and you have a cup of tea to sip from.

DULCAMARA - Did your cold start when the weather changed from warm to a damp/chilly day? Usually the mucous will be thick. There may be a post nasal drip and hoarse voice or even an earache from the cold. You may have a cold sore and feel worse for resting and warm/dry air.

EUPHRASIA - This cold has the opposite nose and eye symptoms of allium cepa. The discharge from the eyes is burning and the snot are clear and bland. A strange symptom may be a bursting feeling in the sinuses as they fill. You may feel better for lying down, but your nose may feel more blocked that way. Bright lights make you feel worse!

FERRUM PHOS - Are your symptoms hard to explain, but you just know a cold is coming on? At the first, vague signs of a cold sneaking in, this remedy can nip it in the bud. I like to use it in a cell salt, but 30c can work well, too.

HEPAR SULPH - Though this cold can start with clear mucous, it will turn into lots of yellow snot with offensive smelling breath. You will be very chilly and feel worse for drafts and cold air. You will probably have swollen glands, splinter like pains and be much more irritable and snappy than usual.

KALI BICH - Snots of this cold are the main theme. You will have lots of ropy, thick, yellow and green snots that block up the nose. It may cause sinus pain in the root of the nose with a thick post nasal drip. Symptoms will feel better for warmth!

NATRUM MUR - Egg white discharges and sinus pain better for cold compresses call for nat mur. The eyes may run and be worse for sun and lights. There’s a good chance you may have cold sores and dry, cracked lips.

PULSATILLA - This cold makes you feel like crying and wanting someone to console you. The snot can be clear and green. It runs during the day, but stops up at night. A common symptom is a headache over your eyes. You will feel warm and be worse for warm stuffy rooms, but better for an open window and some exercise.

If you are someone who tends to develop bronchitis or pneumonia from a flu, you should begin remedies right away and always consult a physician if your days seem to get worse instead of better. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see a perfect remedy for your cold here. There are plenty of other remedy states that your body may be in! If you feel lost, contact your homeopath for a quick visit and mentorship on how to find the proper remedy next time for yourself. After the illness has passed, find a homeopath for help in boosting your immune system!

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