Tuning in to Your Body's Inner Knowing with Homeopathy


Everyone can benefit from homeopathy. Not just during acute situations, or first aid care, but prophylactically and chronically. Homeopathy shifts your life and awakens your Self to break patterns so you can flourish. Finding a homeopath is typical for families to use as a crutch or second opinion to parents' at home remedy cabinets, or a last resort for chronically ill or those who are seeking an escape route from their growing pill boxes, but it deserves so much more credit. A beautiful part of homeopathy is that you don't need a diagnosis, it helps before the symptoms can manifest enough into the world of modern medicine. It supports you by keeping you strong enough to ward off illness, and stops menacing thoughts and feelings from driving you into the hands of mental illness.

How many times do you hear stories of people seeking opinion after opinion from doctors on a specific pain or sensation and then years later find the diagnosis they have been waiting to hear and what do they say? "Oh, finally, someone believes me.. finally they have found the source." When really, these sensations were your body's way of screaming, "I'm stuck in this spot and if you don't fix the real cause, if you don't break the pattern, this body you're in is going to manifest some more obvious flags to get your.attention." Homeopathy used properly can help at the sensation. Homeopathy can help before, during or even after the manifestation of disease.

Remedies help the body find the path to reverse the issue, while most of these allopathic medications just get rid of  the sensations of the disease and actually drive the illness onto a new path, a more hidden, more destructive path. Am I saying these medications are  never needed? Absolutely not. In an ideal world, where every homeopath  is flawless, I really believe that is a possibility, but when there is a disease that works faster in destroying a body than a healer can work in finding the correct remedy, you definitely need these medicines to stop illness in its tracks while homeopathy helps support and rebuild. Ideally, families would get homeopathic treatment before the illness manifests, treated at the sensations of something going wrong, or even when you feel stuck in a life path that may lead to disease. These amazing remedies make shifts, even on levels we don't fully understand, even in ways we can't notice until someone points it out.

What a beautiful addition to every family, to have a homeopath who can give you something when you're feeling off, to validate your knowing of your own body, to help heal you when you've fallen ill, to help you decide if a natural path or medications will be most beneficial to your moment, and so much more!

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