Let the Fever Be .. With Homeopathy


This week we had fevers in the house. One after another, the kids fell sick. I know you have all heard it before. Fevers are good. Fevers are necessary. Let the fever be. If you haven’t heard this before, here is a great article on WHY fevers are so important: http://bit.ly/whyfever

As a mom, even when you are totally on board with fevers being a beneficial piece of the healing process, it's kind of hard to not freak out when the temperature starts going up or your child's everyday spunk has been drained from them. Any fever where the child is prancing around as thought they’re not sick at all, I am more than comfortable leaving them be. Once the fever creeps up over 104 or they’re showing signs of struggling through the fever, I start my Mom-eopath skills.

These few things often save us from having to use the tylenol or motrin, and I have realized that the reason mothers jump for these medications so often is because they just don’t have these tricks in their mommy arsenals. Remember: the goal is to not get rid of the fever, it’s to remind the body that the fever is okay and to help it calm down. (Often, my kids fall fast asleep)

So here they are, my tricks to getting your children comfortable with a fever:

  • Offer plenty of fluids - Sometimes the kids don’t have the energy or desire for fluids, but most children will take a popsicle or ice cubes. It is so important to keep them hydrated when their little bodies are burning up so much.
  • Stop what you are doing and snuggle - There is evidence that just being with your child and comforting them allows their bodies to recover quicker. It is sometimes hard to stop your day, but we must remember to respect their bodies and honor their fevers.
  • Washrag bathing - This trick is so loved by my children. I cover them in a blanket and, one limb at a time, cool them down. So we take the right arm out, wash it with a cool rag and tuck the arm back under the blanket. Then take the left arm out and do the same. We repeat this with both legs and then repeat it with fresh water on the rag. After that, I usually place the cool rag on their forehead and they close their eyes and rest. This actually brings down their temperature most times. (Warm Bathing is also great if the children have the energy to sit up in it, but avoid epsom salts if your child is not actively taking in enough water)
  • Find their remedy - THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!!!! Homeopathy works SO well in supporting their little bodies through viruses and infections. These remedies work with their bodies to fight off the bug while calming the body’s excessive reactions to the fever. How beautiful is that, a remedy that allows the fever to do its job while calming the body enough to feel comfortable through it. Finding the right remedy is super easy with the help of Miranda Castro’s Homeopathy Handbook and I always urge clients to gear up with at least a Basic Remedy Kit to avoid late night trips to the store.

Feeling overwhelmed on finding the right remedy? Contact me for classes on getting started with homeopathy in your home.

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