It's Time to Shed the Toxins


Homeopathy is a trusted alternative nano medicine used for over 200 years. Contrary to what many believe, homeopathy is not herbal medicine. A homeopathic remedy is not a concoction that you can whip up at home.A homeopathic remedy is specially prepared by trained pharmacists, who properly dilute and succuss a natural substance until the remedy derived from it is able to heal the symptoms it’s crude form produces. Homeopathy is used worldwide for common simple ailments like coughs, colds and ear aches. But, also for shifts in life ruts, fertility, stress levels, serious illnesses and what I’ve found to be the most important for today’s families: detoxifying from the chemicals that surround us.

It’s no hidden secret that our world is full of toxicity, even if you lead an extremely organic lifestyle. Our water systems have been “cleaned”, medicated and fluoridated, our black and green teas have naturally soaked up and then release heavy metals and toxins, our food is filled with hormones, medications and pesticides, our bedsheets, clothes and cookware are chemical laden, some of us have been exposed to heavy vaccinations and medications…… Fortunately for us, our bodies, in a healthy state, are perfectly made to eliminate these toxins. But what happens when our bodies fall out of rhythm? For some, it may be stress.. maybe toxin overload.. a date with antibiotics knocks out your wonderful gut flora… whatever it is, some times, or frankly, some people, can not process these toxins properly and need help.

There are some pretty great detoxification systems out there. From herbs to vitamins to oils. These cleanses do a really great job in flushing the bodies of toxins. In fact, I use quite a few of these recipes in conjunction with my remedy selections. But what happens to the toxins caught up in the cerebrospinal fluids, or stubbornly clinging to the fat cells and sweat glands? What if I told you that these remedies are capable of not only clearing the body of the specific toxin you are targeting, but also simultaneously activating your innate healing abilities to undo the damage they’ve caused? As a homeopath and CEASE therapist, I’mable to review your personal timeline, help you zone in to the cause of your current ailments and suggest a remedy that can help your body unwind the mess of toxicity. The case studies are fascinating. Children suffering from fluoridosis are rebuilding strong teeth and bones, women detoxing from birth control are able to have happy and healthy menstrual cycles, people who have vaccine damage are seeing it reversed.Yes, we MUST work towards making the world around us much less chemical laden. But in the mean time, we MUST acknowledge that these toxins are affecting us and in order to be our best selves, we must shed the damage they’ve caused.

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