If Not Antibiotics, Then What?


Viruses these days are tricky. We have all heard the dangers of taking too many antibiotics or taking them unnecessarily. The internet has spread the ill effects of taking painkillers. I am sure somewhere you have heard that fevers are there for a reason and should be allowed to take their course. You haven't heard any of these? You have, but want to know a safe solution? Please, read on ...I, personally, don't ever jump for antibiotics first. Not only do they overthrow and disorganize the perfect chemistry that is your body, they also lose their power after a while, leaving your immune system tired and defenseless. Working in ophthalmology, I saw many cases of eye infections that simply didn't respond to antibiotics. They were some of the most aggressive and contagious eye infections in the office. Scary. The World Health Organization has even stated that this resistance is a huge public health threat for the future. (See here: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/releases/2014/amr-report/en/)  Just think about it, antibiotics are in the foods we eat, the soap we wash with, and used in viral infections where they are completely unnecessary. Overkill. So, when you are sure it is a viral infection, please question your doctor to be sure the antibiotics are actually warranted.

Didn't know tylenol is harmful? I know, most things are. But, we need to make conscious, educated decisions about using these medications vs. dealing with a virus. Fevers are there for a reason. This is your body's natural response to fight off infection. Even though it is no fun to hang around with a fever or watch your child with one, it is a necessary part of the process. This fever also helps keep your activity low, so your body can focus on healing. As long as the fever isn't at a threatening level, I vote, let it be! These medications only damage the body's natural healing intelligence and also some major organs. Tylenol, we thought, was a safe approach to riding out the illness. Now, we learn that although tylenol isn't dangerous to the liver initially (so they say), the byproduct your liver produces, NAPQI isvery dangerous — even lethal. ( Please, read more here: http://www.seegerweiss.com/drug-injury/tylenol/how-the-body-processes-tylenol ) So, is it better to take a break from life and honor your body's natural responses, or take some pain medications? Of course, this is a decision only you can make and it is based on the severity and symptoms of the illness ( and should be discussed with your physician responsibly ).

So what is there to do? Do I allow my children to suffer the pain that comes with some fevers and viruses? Not at all — we turn to homeopathy! Since my children were infants, they have successfully used homeopathy to help them through all their childhood illnesses. Last year we had the flu. Each dose of their remedy brought their symptoms to a bearable place and they usually fell into a restful sleep and woke up feeling a bit better each time. The best part is that homeopathy supports your immune system instead of squashing it — so after each virus, our bodies have built some seriously super antibodies for the next run. Seriously, it is a fantastically beautiful modality. Even better, it is possible to learn to select proper remedies for you and your family for mild illnesses.

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