What is the Go To Remedy When Your Breastmilk is Gone?


Have you ever googled “breastmilk cures”? I did, because I was curious to see how many things people use breastmilk for. Breastmilk is amazing! Aside from rashes, scrapes, viruses and the usual, moms are known to use it for pink eye, ear aches, sore throats - the list goes on and on. Breast milk is loaded with antibodies and literally a cure all for humans. 

Today, I had my kids at a homeschool class and met a really wonderful mama. She was teaching me more about Waldorf schooling (which I love !), we were chatting about baby led weaning, cloth diapers, non toxic products and an over all holistic lifestyle. We were jiving! It isn’t often you meet someone who “gets it” in this suburban town. In our conversation somewhere it slipped that I’m a homeopath and she giggled about her giant stash of remedies, admitting that she isn’t so sure she knows how to use them!

We got in to talking about nursing in public and peoples’ hysterical comments that, thankfully, she and I aren’t phased by —but then she perked up. She said, “You know, I was a nursing mama for YEARS. I always had breastmilk around and I used it for everything. It was a sad moment last year when my 4-and-a-half-year-old stopped nursing and there was no more milk in the house. I no longer had my go-to remedy! That’s when I found homeopathy and began to learn. I’d love to stay in touch so you can teach me how to get good enough to use it like breastmilk.” How cool - she’s right! Homeopathy is just as wonderful as the most natural human remedy you can find and is perfect alongside the mama juice.

As we go through different phases of our lives, the things that we’ve come to rely on don’t always apply anymore. Homeopathy is a wonderful, holistic practice to support you and evolve with you!

Contact me here if you want to learn how to use these awesome remedies at home.