A case of Urinary Tract Infection


A week ago, my five year old, Pearl, was doubled over in abdominal pain. She typically brushes pain and illnesses off like nothing, but this was really bothering her. After asking her about the pain, I realized she was suffering from a urinary tract infection. She had very hot pee, clawing pain in her bladder region and an urge to pee constantly.

I made her a doctor’s appointment because I couldn’t let her be in this much pain all night, but began her remedy, Cantharis 30c, every twenty minutes. The doctor agreed to see her about an hour and a half later, so we dropped the other children off to Nana’s to avoid the germs at the doctors. The entire way there, she was moaning and whimpering in pain. (still popping her remedies.) Poppy even rushed us out the door because she was looking so uncomfortable!

Let me tell you… The moment we got in to the doctor’s exam room, her face changed. She hopped up on the table and started being her silly self again. I rolled my eyes thinking, oh great .. now the remedy kicks in and our trip is wasted ( I can’t tell you how many times I did this myself while pregnant - the doctors thought I was nuts! ) Anyway, the urinalysis comes back and the doctor remarks that there’s high levels of white blood cells, red blood cells and leukocytes - all signs of an infection. The doctor, knowing my “ways”, hands me the prescription and says “ Well, the remedy seems to have her in a great mood now. Hang on to this in case you need it in the night, but let’s wait to see what type of bacteria is cultured to be sure this is the right antibiotic for her.” -Great, easy enough! No more complaints. Pearl even remarked, “Just sitting at the doctor’s makes me feel better!” (Eye Roll!)

So, went on with our life. Pearl had to repeat the remedy once or twice, but nothing significant and all was well… Then, when I had almost forgotten I was waiting for the culture results, the nurse calls with them. She says, “The doctor says your remedies even work on urine! There were no signs of infection found in the culture.” We all giggled, and were pleased …. BUT DO YOU KNOW HOW AMAZING THIS IS? That means, the remedy little miss Pearl was taking on her way to the doctor’s office, made its way into her urine in perfect time to not have an effect on the urinalysis, but to CONTINUE working, outside her body, until it made it to the lab where they found NO signs of infection. Remarkable. High five. Not only do I have an amazing doctor, who sees the connections made here .. Homeopathy has found yet ANOTHER way to astound me!

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