5 Must-Have Homeopathic Remedies for Spring!


Here are the 5 must have remedies for spring!

Spring is finally here! It's so nice to finally be able to throw open the windows and get the kids outside to burn off some energy, but most of us forgot about the pesky downfalls of spring. Allergies, for one, are keeping families locked away in their homes, or chugging back antihistamines - BLECH. Also, we blissfully forgot about bee stings, sunburns, scrapes, cuts and falls!

I'm a huge advocate for families to keep remedy kits in the house, but I do understand that sometimes it is a bit much to ask. These kits can run you a pretty penny and you don't actually need all the remedies at once, and some you won't ever use. If this is your predicament and you'd prefer to buy as you go, here is your list of remedies to stock in your medicine cabinets this month and what they can help! 200c is best, if you can find them, but a 30c of each will do just fine if it is all that's available near you.

Histaminum Hydrochloricum

Ditch the antihistamine and throw a few of these pellets into a water bottle for your spring allergies! One teaspoon at the start of an attack, seems to do the trick for me, but feel free to take a sip every fifteen minutes through a severe attack. (This isn't a permanent fix, as other remedies can be for homeopathy - so I really only recommend this for use while you wait to get in with your beloved family homeopath)


Whether it's a bee sting or an allergic reaction that looks like raised, hot, itchy welts, apis is your remedy!


I throw a few pellets into a spray bottle with some warm water, lavendar oil and coconut oil and spray this mixture right on any sunburn or scrape. Also throw a pellet under your tongue for some deeper, quicker healing.


Slam your finger in the car door? Banged it with a hammer during your big spring project? Hypericum is the remedy for these painful traumas that throb and ache from nerve damage.


Kids always fall from the playground, get smacked with a ball during sports or collide while playing tag. For any blunt trauma and big welts from falls, arnica saves the day! I've never seen an egg go down quicker than when I brought this remedy into my life.

So, there you have it! The top five remedies to welcome into your home this spring.

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