Debilitating Anxiety Can Stall Your Life

“I feel like I am just waiting for the next terrible thing to happen to me.”

Helen was almost a year out from having a traumatic birth with her third child, but just couldn’t shake these bouts of depression and debilitating anxiety. “I get myself so worked up that something bad will happen, that I just abandon all my plans.” Having kids to care for and a house to tend, these overwhelming feelings just needed to go. 

Helen also noted some minor physical symptoms that she was pretty unfazed by, like occasional constipation, lightheadedness and rapid heartbeats with the anxiety. Her face would turn red and hot each time an attack was coming. She couldn’t explain these problems very well, because she was most concerned with her life being ruled by her anxiety.

I realized this was a huge load for Helen and likely the root of her other issues. 

After a split does of Aconitum 200c, and a few days to “just be”, Helen called in to tell me her anxiety had been completely lifted! No flushes or palpitations in days! A month has passed and she now feels like her life is back in her control. She is happily enjoying the chaos of life with children. 

Aconitum is one remedy for anxiety after a trauma that tends to have feelings of heat, palpitations and redness. 

Do you have debilitating anxiety and need an alternative solution? 

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