Full Soul Detox



Detoxing the environmental toxins is extremely beneficial for mental health, gut restoration, vitamin assimilation and so much more. As a homeopath, I frequently see barriers get in the way of a simple detox. 

We are so much more than our cellular bodies and electrical impulses. A steady practice of meditation or prayer will reveal a deeper connection to a sphere much beyond these qualities.  As complete individuals, we have a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spheres — as well as a sphere that encompasses those areas, which we have not yet identified socially. As a holistic practitioner, I can tell you they are all tightly enmeshed and dependent on one another. Often, when there is a trauma or emotional stagnation, the body will also freeze up and become “sick” in physical and mental areas as well. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a healing modality that can affect you on all these levels. 

So many people come to me looking to Shed the Environmental Toxins and are a bit shocked when they feel the immense impact these remedies actually have. A well selected remedy will shake you to your core. Along with allowing your body to release the built up toxins, it will help your soul kick out all the junk that no longer serves it, in turn, deepening your connection with the energetic layers of your being.

Have you ever been stuck in a cycle of “bad luck”? Always attracting the “wrong people”? Find yourself having incredible highs and lows of energy or willpower? A great homeopath can identify where this “programming” was ignited and select a perfectly fitting remedy to help you as a complete individual grow beyond it. But be warned... much like a good detox may have you running to the bathroom to eliminate waste, during a “full soul detox”, you very well may notice a huge release on several of your spheres of being. You must be ready to heal deeply, without holding back!

Are you ready to begin a full soul detox and take back the vibrant energy and health you once had? Schedule a FREE mini session with me here to get started.


John Natoli