A Case of Pre-Menstrual Rage

Michelle came to me looking for help with her symptoms of PMS. She was very upset that the only recommendation her OBGYN could make was going on a birth control pill. Michelle was very adamant that putting daily medications in to her body was not an option for her. She didn’t experience terrible cramping, headaches, or many common symptoms of pre menstrual syndrome, but her temper was out of her control and she was often too tired to keep up with her activities through that week.

“I am a completely different person the week before my period. I am reactive, mean and someone I do not like.”

Michelle explained that her temper often flared when others were not cooperating with her plans, but mostly when others didn’t show up on time, made her late or had to move appointments. She would not only get frustrated, she would angrily shout at people she loved and make them feel really awful. This bothered her a lot, because the rest of the month she was a mild, sweet, flexible person.

Michelle started a remedy known for bouts of anger, preoccupation with being on time and explosive rage called Nux Vomica. The following month, Michelle reported that she was amazed with the results. Not only was she not feeling hot headed during her pre menstrual period, she realized she had much more energy during that time, allowing her to continue her sports and active lifestyle. 

Do you suffer from unbearable PMS?

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John Natoli