When a Sick Baby Won’t Nurse


I once had a mother and baby come to me. The child was only nine months old at the time and had an awful cough. The mother was trying very hard to keep her off steroids and contacting me was her last resort. 

Not only was the baby miserable, keeping herself up coughing and running a fever, the poor child was refusing to nurse. Mama was sure it was the end of their breastfeeding relationship! She was perfectly happy drinking from a bottle, but would scream miserably if offered the breast. As an exclusive breastfeeding pair, this was devastating for the mother.

We tried a few remedies that just were not touching the baby’s fever or cough. Finally, I looked more in to the baby’s strong refusal to nurse. With one dose of Antimonium Tart, the cough quieted, the fever subsided and the sweet baby was able to nurse comfortably again. 

This is just one instance of homeopathy helping a nasty cough, and so much more.

Do you or your children have recurring coughs?
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John Natoli